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Magnesium elixir

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Quick Overview

Essential for muscles and nerves; for stress and sport


The human organism cannot produce magnesium itself, but is supplied with this mineral nutrient via the ingestion of food and drink. Poorly balanced nutrition, diets, stress, sport and pregnancy can lead to an undersupply of this mineral nutrient. The organic magnesium salts citrate, gluconate and lactate, which are contained in Neuner’s magnesium elixir, can be easily resorbed by the body. Neuner’s Magnesium Elixir is suitable for children as of 12 years in the recommended dose rate.


water, apple juice concentrate, honey, magnesiumgluconate, magnesiumcitrate, magnesiumlactate, lemon juice concentrate, herbal blend (rosehipsoja, spinach, red beet, nettle, carrots, wheatgerm, mallow, orange peel, dog rose) magnesiumcarbonate, yeast

Contained nutrients

  in 20ml % RDA*
magnesium 375 mg 100

* RDA recommended daily appliance

** no defined RDA available

Nutrition values

Nutrition values per 100 ml


130 Kcal (555 kJ)


0,5 g


31,9 g


0 g

1 RDA = 0,5 Carbohydrate unit 

Live healthy and care for a balanced diet rich in nutrients.

Additional Information

Inhalt (textuell) 240ml

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